Privacy policy

1. Basic policy

“Grasp" (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is an online service related to recruitment, job change support services, and related services provided by GRASP CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The term "Service" refers to the services provided by the Company. "User" refers to all individuals using the Service.

Clause 2. Service details

"Recruitment-related services" refer to services that allow users to view or submit job applications through this service, as well as services related to email distribution, information input support, and the provision of other job-related information on this website. Referring to services that introduce job opportunities considered suitable for users based on job data, etc., as well as other related services related to email distribution, information input support, and job change support. Please note that the use of this service will terminate three months after registration.

Clause 3. User responsibilities

Users must agree to these Terms, bear the risks associated with using the Service, and take responsibility for the Service. Users must register accurate and truthful information in their registration and input it to use this service. If the registered of user information is inaccurate and disputes arise with employers or other third parties as a result, the user is responsible for resolving the issues and should not cause inconvenience to the Company. I do not agree to this. The same applies when using voice assistance (on behalf of others, etc.) to input registration information.

Clause 4. Modification of this Service

Users are not allowed to engage in the following behaviors after using this service: Registering inaccurate information. Collaborating with posting companies for fraudulent purposes, such as concealing employment. Behaviors violating public order, morality, laws, regulations, etc. Behaviors deviating from societal norms and ethical standards. Infringing on the property of company rights, other users, and third parties (including all intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) or any other legal rights or privacy. Continuously speaking ill of the Company, other users, recruiting companies, or third parties. Seeking bonus money for job conversion without the intention to work. Using this service but concealing the identity as a member of an organized criminal group (organized crime group, member of an organized crime group, organized crime-related company/organization, or its branches, or other social opposition forces). Any action that may impede the operation of the Service or the management of the Company, or any other action that the Company deems inappropriate.

Clause 5. Compensation for Damages

If users violate the prohibitions outlined in these terms and cause damage to the Company or third parties, they will be responsible for compensating the Company or third parties for the incurred damages.(However, if an employer requests users to cooperate in fraudulent activities (such as concealing the truth about recruitment), and users report the fraudulent behavior of the employer to the Company, the users will not be held responsible. 。