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HR Manager

Dĩ An Binh Duong
$1,500〜$4,000 (Monthly salary)
Recruitment industry
Medical Related & Medical Institutions / Human Resources / General Affairs & Office / General Administrative & Sales Administration / Welfare & Caregiving
Employment status

Job description

・Recruitment: Establishment of recruitment standards, planning and execution of recruitment activities for the right person for the right job based on the business plan, and creation of a system for recruitment.

・Labor Management: Attendance, payroll calculation and management, social insurance procedures, work rules management, and employee benefit programs.

・HR: Designing HR and business strategies and supporting CEO/Director in these areas.

・Design and operation of HR evaluation system and incentives


Bachelor ,Masser or Doctor Holder is mandatory.

Business Level(Strong fluency /TOEIC 800 over)

At least 5 years of experience in a Human Resources Manager position in a mid-size or larger hospital/clinic or similar industry. Extensive experience as an executor of each practice, not just a manager.

【Personnel Side(Hard)】

・The experience and knowledge of human resources is 5 years or more, and you must have extensive experience in designing the own internal human resources system, preferably in a medium to large company with 30 or more employees, preferably in a foreign company.

・Experience in hospital or medical related field is not required.

・Experience in overseas, Bachelor's degree or above from an overseas university (Want)

【Personnel Side(Soft)】

・Must be a person who shares the CUC Partner's Way. (Must)

・The candidate should be someone who can share the following leadership style (All Must)

→A person let people moving based on shared understanding and empathy, rather than relying on command and order authority.

→Not only commit to results, but also pay attention to the process of producing results, and devise ways for the organization to take positive action toward achieving them.

→A person who can talk about business results in terms of the value we have provided to the world. Do not look at financials alone as an achievement.

→Foster a culture that motivates process improvement by recognizing failure as a learning experience.

→Respond tenaciously to conflicts that may occur between organizations because of the size of the organization, and build an organization that can solve problems jointly.

→Communicate in a flat manner, regardless of position.   

【Mismatch Types】

・Those who are good at/want top-down management of dictator type.

・Those who want to make all decisions on their own.

・Those who cannot listen to and incorporate the opinions of subordinates and colleagues.

・Those who cannot work as a team involving subordinates, colleagues, and department heads.

・Those who are inflexible and adhere to their own way of thinking.

・Those who do not understand that this is a medical service business and do not care about patients, customers, and employees.

・Those who are only good at problem-solving and lack the ability to negotiate and involve other employees.                                  


We have Private Health Insurance.Commuter Bus/Car

通勤バス/車We have commuter bus from HCMC.2monthProbation Salary


Work time

Mon - Sat / 7:30am-16:30pm

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