Cơ hội việc làm Chief Operation Office for Japanese Medical Start-up

Chief Operation Office for Japanese Medical Start-up

Địa điểm
Binh Duong District Hồ Chí Minh
Mức lương
$50,000〜$80,000 (Lương theo năm)
Ngành nghề
Dược phẩm / Y tế & Cơ sở y tế / Tư vấn & Tư vấn chuyên ngành / Lập kế hoạch Kinh doanh / Nhân sự
Hình thức
Nhân viên chính thức

Mô tả công việc

・【Mission】you will be responsible for creating and implementing future development plans for the hospital and group companies together with the CEO of the facility.

・【Formulation of the Management Planning】Based on the policy of the management, drafting the financial plan, investment plan, and action plan for the entire the group, and obtain approval from the head office in Japan and the hospital group.

・【Cooperation in the operation of medical facilities] Formulate and manage the execution of activity plans in cooperation with the CEOs of each group facility and each organization under their control.In addition, support and implement solutions to issues related to regular business operations, including the development of relationships with the government.

 ・【Correspondence with relevant ministries and agencies】】Establish good relationships with SHI(Social Health Insurance), DOH(Department of health), and other relevant agencies; negotiate for increased SHI budget and promote its provision.

・【Management of actual results】Manage the forecast and actual results against the plan, identify and review issues, decide what to do, assign executors, review the results, and report to the BOD.

・【Organization Management】Support the formulation of activity plans and goals for each of the subordinate organizations (human resources, IT, finance, procurement, general affairs, legal affairs, and sales), compile them, and lead their steady implementation.

・【Organization Governance】In accordance with the DoA(Date Oriented Approach), draft Board resolutions to the Board of Directors for approval by the BoD, and manage the resolutions.

・【Organization Culture Development】Build a long-term organizational culture that embodies and promotes the common action guidelines set forth by the Japan Headquarters and the Group as a whole.

Yêu cầu ứng viên

【Hard Skill】

・The Experience as a CEO or COO of a private hospital, or 2-3 years of experience in a similar industry or position. (Must)

・Experience in management consulting for hospitals and implementing facility reforms from a management perspective is also suitable (Want)

・Ability to identify market demand, identify functions to be strengthened in the hospital, and carry out a series of tasks including implementation planning, execution, and review. (Must)

・Understanding of the legal and institutional framework and practical aspects of working with related organizations. (Must)

・Understanding of SHI (Social Health Insurance) system and claims management. (Must)

・Formulation and management of business policies, plans and budgets. (Must)

・Organizational culture management. (Want)

【Soft Skill】

・A person who has the sympathy to the Company Partner's Way. (Must)

・A person who can share the following leadership style is desirable (All Must)

→Motivate to all members based on shared understanding and empathy, rather than relying on command and order authority.

→Instead of committing only to the results, pay attention to the process of achieving results and devise ways to help the organization take positive action to achieve them.

→The results of a business are firstly discussed in terms of the value it has provided to the social &world. Do not consider the result only financial aspects

→Fostering a culture that motivates process improvement, using failure as a learning experience.

→Create an organization that can work together to solve problems by persistently addressing inter-organizational conflicts that may arise due to the large size of the organization.

→Communicate in a flat manner, regardless of the height of the Job position.

Quyền lợi

Tet bonus and various allowances are all included in Gross annual salary. Annual performance bonus will be paid separately based on performance results.

Thời gian làm việc

Mon - Fri / 7:30am-16:30pm

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